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Gotten as a kindle freebie

The River Fairy's Wish - Cyrena Shows, Anastasia Yatsunkeo

It is lyrical, but the story is not very interesting

Good book

Rape - Mithu Sanyal

This is an English translation of a book published in Germany in 2016. The translation includes an updated afterword. The points raised in the book are good, and her points about how we should view rapists does provoke thought. I do wish there had been more up to date studies.

Seeing Red - Rachel Schieffelbein

The take on LRRH is nice and inventive, and it would be a higher rating, but I wanted to fix comma errors.

skip it

Where's Glimmer? - Jessica Burkhart, Victoria Ying

If I was five, I would be a fan girl. However, I am not. I reached the bit about who gets to have unicorns and then I was out because that is one messed up classist crap

I was disappointed

Unleashed: The Lives of White House Pets - The Kennedy Center, Ronald Kidd, Ard Hoyt, Allyson Currin

If I was the target age, I would enjoy this more. As it is, I found the frame annoying. But if you have young children, you should check this out

Treasure Hunt - Paul DuBois Jacobs

This is the only book that I have read in this series. It is cute, if a bit loose in terms of the plot. I love the family and how the characters interact.

Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic - Sam Quinones

If Simon”s The Corner drew attention to the drug problem in the inner city, than this book illustrates the opioid epidemic just as well. It also showcases the reasons for the increase in the sales of black tar heroin and how the whole supply chain worked. The writing is totally engrossing

Slightly mistitled

California Bay Area Excursions - Julie Feinstein Adams, Janelle Lassalle, Emily Esguerra, Jordan Payseno

Despite the title, this book is food centered, which is fine, but surely there must be something else to do.

has promise - still free

Simone Visits the Museum - Dr. Kelsi Bracmont, Takeia Marie

The language is bit formal and the kids a bit too perfect. Also considering the title, NAAMHAC is not really in the book that much. It made me remember a Sesame Street I read when a kid about Groover visiting a museum, and it actually had references to the museum.  I understand that this is a self published book and that there might be legal issues, but considering that title mention, there should be more of a sense of the museum. 



However, the artwork is stunning. Additionally, the story features a loving and successful family, who aren't perfect but are wonderful.


Note- apparently there is a Spanish edition that is also free.

Yeah but no

Don't Call Me Chip - Neil O'Donnell

Honesty, if you are going to write a book about a chipmunk, the chipmunk should be thinking more like a chipmunk.  

FYI - Free audbile books

Audible is offering around seven Neil Peart (of Rush) books for free.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Humane heroes Vol 2 - Various

This another collection of animal stories. It also includes a bit about elephants and cancer. It was a good read.

Seems to always be a kindle freebie

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Humane Heroes Vol III - Various

This is a nice collection of various stories about animal rescues or animals overcoming difficulties. In some cases the animals are in a zoo, but in others they are returned to the wild. It's a nice little collection. Enjoyable. Also includes animal and science facts.

Also published as seperate books

Best Fairy Books Picture Book Treasury - Bobbie  Hinman
This is a cute book about fairies, like the fairy that steals your socks. So it's that kind of cute. The illustrations are nice and the children are diverse. The fairies are all white which is a bit strange. I like the sock fairy best.

Good Book about shires

Breed of Giants - Joyce Stranger

I discovered this book because one of the people I follow (Clara, I believe) has it shelved so I noticed it.


Stranger's book is about a change in British lie as the modern world encroaches on the rural areas. The focus is mainly on the Shire breeder Josh, but there is enough about other members of the village that Stranger paints a lovely picture. And modern life/city dwellers aren't painted with a board brush either, as showcased by the new school teacher.

It is a true read, not cute and fluffy animals, but unlike some books that are supposedly about animals and only use the death of the animal to install a lesson or make someone cry, Stranger's death can be bleak but they feel nature, so they hurt a bit less. It's like watching a BBC Earth show with less wild animals.

I will be reading more by this author.

Good photos but little text.

Albert Bierstadt: Painter of Light - 325 Hudson River School Paintings - Luminism, Realism - Gallery Series - Daniel Ankele, Denise Ankele, Albert Bierstadt

It's pretty much just pictures, which is fine. Not much text or information. Honesty, the only reason I know where some of the paintings are displayed is because of I've been to those museums.