Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend - Justin Hill, Wang Dulu


Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley.


                It should be noted that this is a novelization of the script for the screen to the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, while this book and the movies are based on a pentalogy, the film (and therefore this book) contain some major differences from the source material by Wang Dalu.


                Shulien (Michelle Yeoh’s character from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) finds herself dragged rather unwillingly out of herself exile to see to the safety of the Green Sword, yet again.


                In many ways, while this book does tell the reader what happen to the other characters from the previous movie, it also feels like a redo of the phrase movie.  Once again, we have an older would be couple, and a younger would be couple, who are fated to be together.


                It’s not a bad book, but in many ways it is simply a slightly happier version than the first movie.  The most interesting parts are the ones with Shulien, and not solely due to the fact that she is the hold over character from the movie.  It is in the scenes with her that the novel slows down and is actually more than round two of the same story.  It is in these scenes that there are reflections about honor, power, and duty.  While these reflections are transfer to the character of Snow Vase, they are dealt with to a stronger degree with Shulien.


                It’s not the best book in the world, yet it is more than a cheaper novelization.  It does make me wish that the original pentalogy was available in English.