Low Midnight (Kitty Norville Book 13) - Carrie Vaughn

Let’s be straight up. The Kitty Norville books are not great literature.  They are enjoyable brain candy, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.


                This addition to the series, which seems to be the penultimate book, is different in that it is told in a viewpoint other than Kitty’s.


                This makes it refreshing.  It isn’t that Kitty is dislikable, but in a few of the later books, she borders on being the only one able to solve anything, and seeing her in a supporting role was refreshing.  Honestly, I think the series might have been stronger if Vaughn did this a little more often (it was one of the strengths of the Women of the Otherworld series).


                The central characters are Cormac and his spirit resident Amelia.  The book is told mostly from Cormac’s point of view, giving the readers more insight to the character.  I actually liked him more in this volume than the others.   (And for the record, I was never a Cormac/Kitty shipper).  Here, Cormac and Ben are more than Kitty appendages.  Amelia is  more than a plot idea that seems taken from Farscape.


                The plot of the book is in part finding a way to decode the magic book that Kitty and her friends gained at the end of the previous volume.  Along the way, he must several a very old mystery involving magic, and then he runs into some people who kinda old friends, but not really.


                And it ties nicely into the arch of Roman. 


                Good entry in an entertaining series.