Norway Home of Trolls (and Moose)

Norway Home Of The Trolls - Eli Ketilsson, Joan Fuglesang

At Epcot there was a ride that I loved.  It was Maelstrom at the Norway pavilion.  I loved it because it had trolls.  Apparently, it has been closed to make way for a Frozen ride, which hopefully will still have trolls (though Andersen was Danish).  I can understand, and truth be told, I haven’t been to Disney World in quite awhile, but it was still a little disappointing to hear about the closure.


                There is something both scary and cute about trolls.


                I didn’t know the name Eli Ketilsson until Bettie posted a review of this book, but when reading this book I realize that I know his artwork for it was used to illustrate a few Scandinavian folktale collections I own.              


                The text of this book is a little wanting.  It’s mostly brief verse used to refer to the stunning illustration on the opposite page.  The best writing is the remembrance of the artist’s youngest son at the back of the book. 


                But the illustrations are a totally different matter.  There is a wonderful picture of a troll woman with a very long nose using the appendage to stir a fire.  The cover picture is wonderful, in particular, because Ibsen is there.  There is both menace and humor in the pictures. 


Strangely, the one I loved the most didn’t have a troll in it.  It is an illustration of the 12 Wild Ducks (also sometimes the 12 Swans).  Very beautiful.


                Thanks Bettie!



(Disney's Maelstrom - souce Pininterst)