Short ebook worth the price

The Mysterious Disappearance of the Reluctant Book Fairy (Bibliomysteries) - Elizabeth George

Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley.


                I should note that this is the first work by Elizabeth George that I have read.  When PBS showed the Inspector Lynley mysteries, I tried to watch them, but I found them to be well acted (I mean look at that cast), but rather boring. 


                After reading this short story, perhaps I should give the series a try.


                This short story, a longish short story (though there is not a wasted or unneeded word) details the life of Janet Shore (aka Annapurna) who has the ability to take yourself and others into novels.


                I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking, well it’s like that series by Jasper Fforde.  Well kinda, but not really.  For George’s story is securely anchored in our world, and the tone is different, far different than everyone’s favorite Thursday.


                On of the charms of the story is Janet’s role as book/reader matchmaker while she is a book snob.  Why, for instance she wonders, should one read Twilight when Dracula beckons?  In many ways, the story is love poem to the books (and bookstores) that are overlooked by those rushing into the latest fad.  It is also a love story about the power of books to take readers away from all that. 


                And it is about the evils of excesses, not so much reading, but other types.


                The ending is brilliant.


                Strongly recommended.  A short eBook well worth the cost.