My reaction is more to do with my thinking than the author's writing

Midnight Mistletoe - Laurel Cremant

So lately, I've been on, for a lack of a better term, an Amazon freebie paranormal erotic binge.  I don't know why.  Maybe I miss badly worded sentences.  It's been somewhat disappointing that the last few I tried to read didn't have many badly worded sentences, but I've noticed something else and that will be in an up-coming post.  (Which is here: Clothes off!  I should note that while this book does have some of the whole Alpha issue that those lesser works have, Cremant's treatment of it is better and consent is more to the forefront.)


I want to single this book out, however, because it's not really my taste, yet the writing is pretty damn good.  There is more character development than most similar works, and there is far better description.  Additionally, and Cremant deserves a round of applause for this, it is one of two freebies in the genre I've seen that has a poc on the cover and as a heroine.  Most of the other freebies either just have a white guy or a white guy with vaguely Asian features on the cover, and when a woman is present she is usually white.  If she isn't, she seems to be latina, but when reading the book it is quite clear the character, despite the cover, is a white woman.


This is not the case with Cremant's book (or even the whole series) and her writing is solid.  It's not my taste (it has to do with the alpha thing to be honest), but if it looks like it might be yours, Cremant is worth a try.