The Collector - Sophie Weiner, Anne-Laure Thiéblemont

Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley


                What do you do when you inherit a fortune from your father, a man who thought had been dead before? 


                Oh, and you need to find some art because your father is the collector in the title.  That is the problem that Marion faces in this novel.  To say that Marion is surprised by the terms of her father’s will is an understatement and part of the novel’s selling point is Marion coming to terms with her father’s memory.


                When the novel is told from Marion’s viewpoint it flies.  It doesn’t move as quickly when the viewpoint shifts to someone else.  Perhaps this is because such shifts come late in the novel and the new narrators are ones that the reader has no vested interest in.   I do also wish that there were more supporting female characters, for most of the other characters are male.  The only two women of note outside of Marion are regulated to women she has problematic relationships with, and both are de facto superior figures.


                Marion is a well drawn character who is not a Mary Sue and who is believable in how her reactions to the strange situation she finds herself in.  She does not come across as too prefect, and unlike many female leads, she does not seem to have any mental health issues (at least no more than the average person).  She is who she is.