I say false advertising! I wanted hobbit intercourse!

His Lion Blood (BBW Lion Shifter Vampire Paranormal Romance) (Mystic Harbor Book 4) - Scarlett Grove

I shouldn't have read this since it is book 4, but honesty, regardless of the place in the series, when something says halfing vampire that is different than someone who is half vampire. I was really thinking, oh cool, and then was like nope. Then I was like how. Then I was like oh wow, I can use recipes to play for things as long as I sign them. Then I was like, oh so you are vampire without the bad bits (like not going out in the sun. Hmmm. Jim Butcher influence?). Then I was wondering how a ceiling can be in pants. Then someone is told stories about vampires growing up. Then I stopped reading because I couldn't get over the fact that it wasn't a halfing vampire.