There was some thought here

Romance: The Bear Guard: BBW Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance (BBW Romance, WereBear Romance, BBW Paranormal Romance) - Ashley Hunter


                This has some cringe worthy writing.  For example:


                “Fractured light from the crystal chandelier above played curious figures of his body”


“.  . yet his face was anything but cute.  She had to hand it to him; he wasn’t awful to look at”


             “His body was shaped rather finely – no doubt bred for years to look as great as it did now”


     “His expression was nothing short of overconfident”


    “His breakfast poorly eaten despite the excessive beauty it was shaped in, and waved his son over”


“Straightening her shoulder”


“Behavior that had sadden her mother to ridiculous points”




               So apparently a guy is ugly but hot, the heroine has one shoulder, her mother is ridiculous points, and it is important that breakfast look good, but taste doesn’t matter.


                However, I have to give the author credit for a couple things – (1) there is an attempt to make sense out of a sudden and strange marriage.  I say attempt because the amount of suspension of disbelief it requires is immense and (2) at least it isn’t a stepbrother thing.