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Does Feminism Discriminate Against Men?: A Debate - James P. Sterba, Warren Farrell

Seriously I want more than one stupid emojcon face.  I'm sick, confused, and pissed off.


Apologies if you follow me because much of this rant below is going to make it into the review of this book.



So this book is a debate about feminism and discrimination.  The first half, which is the half I read yesterday is by Warren Farrell who is the founder of the man's movement.


For the record, I am a woman, and I don't mind being called a feminist, though I don't understand why everyone isn't a humanist.



Okay, so I have to say WTF!


The problem with this first half of this book is that every time MR. Every Man is Straight Farrell has a good point, it is immedinately followed by 1,000 bad things.


Seriously.  He's right about gender roles, but neglects to point out that many feminists address this as part of the issue.  


And apparently women don't get injured in violent sports because they don't play them.


First, he's right about registering for the draft, even though the draft hasn't been used since 1973.  But he's wrong when he says no feminist supports the idea of women being drafted.  I went to all woman's college and I have lost count of the women I have met there and since then who support the idea of women also registering.  So when Farrell says he can't find a feminist who supports the drafting of women, he isn't looking very hard.


Additionally, Farrell confines his STATS about life span to the US  - there is a reason for this.  Let's think of why.  Then he neglects to tell you the margin of error in the study.  Then he points to war for being the reason why men die 5 years before women - but the battle he keeps refering to is the Battle of Somme.




And was 90 years before this book was published.


And in most of the countries taking part in WWI, women either had no voting rights or limited voting rights.  Women, for instance, did not get the right to vote in France until 1945.


Just saying.


Also no modern historian of note that I have read refers to the Somme as some heroic battle.


And then this brings us to the use of STATS because why does Farrell half the time use words like "almost equal" when talking about women battering men, but he doesn't give us the actual number?   This undermines what would be a true and good point about men being ashamed to report battering.


Furthermore, what about same gender couple battering?


Oh wait, that's because he seems to think (he never directly says this, to be fair) that the only gay men are those men who go to prison.  And then they get AIDS.  This is the fate of every boy who doesn't register for the draft, BTW (according to Farrell).


He thinks women have more power than men because (1) they control consent for intercourse (2) they vote without the threat of the draft and (3) abortion.


Farrell even says men voted women the voted, so isn't that an indiction that men had power?


And don't  even get me started on what he says about false accusations of rape.  Too late, I'm there already.  The only "study" he cites is an unpublished study by the Air Force done in 1996 (9 years before this book's publication).  The Air Force group (I am not sure if there were any women in this group) looked at 556 cases of alleged rape, found 27% of those were false accusations, then had 3 independent reivewers look at all the cases following 25 signs that the false accusers supposedly had.  The reviewers said 60% of the cases were false.


Hello, does that sound like a good study to you?  I mean, why was it unpublished, who were these independent reviewers, and what were the signs, and may I point out that IT IS NOT A TRIAL.


And isn't the sample kinda small?


He also doesn't go into the reason for rape shield laws (and honestly, if one more person calls Swift a slut because she dates I'm going to smack said person.  That's why we have rape shield laws, idiot).


OH, and women are raped because they are attractive, according to Farrell because according to some study a women is more likely to be raped between the ages of 16-20.  Cough, cough,  Enviornment anyone?


And then just when you think he is going to raise a legitmate point about drinking and college rape, he totally irgnores the underage drinking aspect or the frat parties.


And apparently men really only get raped in prison.  I mean, I personally, think the fact that men under report rape is horrible.


But Farrell really doesn't go into this, and neglects to mention that most anti-rape groups point out men under reporting more than women under reporting.


And don't even get me started on the fact that he neglects to mention that many states don't enforce the child support laws.  It's just unfair that women can chose to have an abortion, and has complete control over her body while men don't.


I don't even know what to.


And I can't even wrap my mind around women hiring killers section he has.  Lack of evidence doesn't prove a point, asshole.


But the cake, what really made me blow my stack was the list of housework that he claims men do but don't get credit for, proving that men do more work than women.


For the record, I am not married, but I live in house with two men (my brother and my gay friend).  


According to Farrell the men in my life function as my bodyguard when we go out because "he would try to immeditately to protect her, if someone tried to harm him, she would primary protect herself".


Ah no.  Sorry.  It's true, I would be frozen or running for my life, but so would my brother.


And I mow the lawn more than my brother, I never, ever go to him to open jars (and seriously, isn't that what a facuet or a jar thingabob is for), I take care of the plumbing, and I pick up after my dog.


My father never took me camping and never coached me.  


And the fact of my brother confronting a neightbor is funny.  My gay friend does, but so do I.


Option generating, you're fucking kidding me.   Weather fucking guard.