Grimm 02 - Cat and Mouse in Partnership

“It’s heavy,” a high pitched voice complained.  The owner walked hunched over, almost a scurry despite the heavy object in his hands.


                “Stating the obvious does not make it any less so,” a smooth voice replied. The owner of this voice strode as if he owned the old decrepit church.  He knew people and animals would get out of his way.  A few seconds later, he added, “Stick out your tongue one more time at me and I’ll grab it”. 


                The two figures stopped before the alter and bent down.


                If one looked closely, and one was at this moment, two shapes were moving a stone floor piece in the semi-darkness of the church.  Suddenly, one form grabbed at the other’s mouth.


                “Adafddfadjarhinvfnakrl” the high pitched voice garbled.


                “I warned you.”


                “You didn’t say you had such a good grip.” 


                There were two loud thuds, a curse and two sighs.  The two shapes, their backs resting against the altar, rested on the floor for a minute.  “Okay, let’s get going before the priest comes back,” smooth voice declared, rising.


                “I hate priests.  Stupid black robed idiots,” high pitched voice commented disdainfully, wiping his shoe on the steps to the altar.


                From the shadows, the priest shuffled out, coming to a stop before the stone where the two thieves had just been.  He poked at the stone with his cane.


                The hardest part of the heist was not touching the loot right away.  The second hardest part, Jacob knew, was constantly being watched by and watching one’s partner in crime.  Though it wasn’t really crime, taking money from a rich man who wouldn’t miss it.  Right?  He took another swig of the piss poor ale sold at the local market.  He looked at William.  The younger man busied himself with house work.  Jacob shook his head.  That’s what women were for.


                Jacob cleared his throat, “I have to go to a christening today.”


                William looked at him.  “Oh,” he squeaked out, “Whose?”


                “My cousin had a little boy.”




                Jacob told himself that he wanted to just see the loot.  Just see it not rub it all over his body liked a demented King Midas.  After all, he hadn’t really lied to William; he was going to a church after all.  He would just say that he got held up at the party.  It would explain the smell of booze on his breath.


                The church was slightly different then when they had hid the loot.  Cleaner, it looked like a few of the broken stained glass windows had been repaired.  He shrugged, old people wasting their money.  He moved the stone and stared at the money.  It looked and smells so good.  He skimmed a little bit off the top.


                He came back a few weeks late to take a bit more.  He noticed then that the loot pile had shrunk.  He growled.  Blasted William.  He didn’t even bother to place the stone back probably, but dashed off, shoving people out of his way as he rushed to the small room he shared with his friend.  He pushed open the door and took an axe blow to the back.  Before he died, he buried his knife in William’s chest.


                The church’s new roof was finished well before winter.  That with the new heating system kept everyone warm during those harsh months.