Good solid 3 stars

From the Queen (Bibliomysteries) - Carolyn Hart

Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley.


                It’s probably not fair that I love the last Biblomystery I read and thought it was perfect.  This rating is no doubt caused in part because of that.


                Hart’s story is about a rare book that could solve some problems for its new owner.  Unfortunately the book gets stolen.


                That’s the mystery.


                I found the mystery part to be a little predictable, and that’s a drawback.


                Yet, the story itself is charming and this is because of the characters.  Too often in books, there is only one strong female lead and the other women are always portrayed as being less.  Not here .  It’s true that Ellen, who has the rare book, is what some people would consider a bit overly emotional, but her friend Annie, the protagonist, doesn’t judge her on this, and understand her friend.  Then there is the woman police chief who is by the book but understands her friends.  In many ways, the story is as much as about friendship that leads to the dedication in books as in who the book was at first intended for.

                There are far worth ways to spend time, and this charming is well worth the cost.  I will be checking down other works by Hart.