2.99 Seriously?

SHAPESHIFTER ROMANCE: Ravished By Two WereBears (Shapeshifter paranormal romance menage new adult) (Paranormal MMF Shape shifter Shifter Menage Romance ... sister singlehood Werebear Alpha Romance) - R.P. James

I picked this up for free.  I don't understand how it could be 2.99.  I am also annoyed by the author's note at the end that says, "If you enjoyed the story, or liked the book cover, please leave me a quick 5 star review".  For some reason that pisses me off.


Okay, so Beth moves to Wyoming or Montana or they're not two states as I always thought (the author uses both places interchangeably) because she got depressed writing about homeless people and wants to take pictures of nature.  Once there she works as a waitress, meets two cute brothers, meets another hot strange who she goes to lunch with and who tries to rape her later in the story, and then she has intercourse with the two brothers.


There's problems with this story.  Now, I have to give Jame credit because an attempt is made for having Beth deal with the trauma of the attempted rape, and she does call the two brothers out on their stalkish behavior (but since they were right about that and she was wrong, it ruins it), but the word choices in this book are strange.


Before we get to those, however, I should point that a reader does not need a blow by blow of a character making tea, and even needs two different cases of it in less than 5 minutes reading time.  Honestly, too much attention to detail.


But strange word choices abound and in some cases, I think it is because the author doesn't always know what the words mean or doesn't understand grammar.




For instance 


". . . and stretched out my limbs in my bed so as to wake them up"


". . . very sharp blue eyes.  His hair was golden blonde color, and I couldn't help but take note of . . ."


"They left me a small tip, but I couldn't help but feel a bit sad that they were gone"  [It's okay to leave small tips?]


"This man was extremely attractive and seemed very eloquent" - The man in question has so far said the following "don't worry about it", "I'm Matt", "Are you from around here?", "Oh, I see", "Oh no . . .I'm just passing through" and "Then don't let me keep you . . .Perhaps our paths will cross again".  (I just edit out the he said).


But for me the main problem was the use of the words ordeal and endured.  Beth uses the word ordeal after her lunch date, even though the man has not given her any reason to feel frightened.  Why I can understand a shy person feeling this way, her wording doesn't go with that idea.  She had fun but just felt nervous because he was cute.  The word ordeal makes it sound like something else.  It would be one thing if she was picking up a bad vibe (this is the man that does try to rape her), but she isn't and the only hint that the reader has that Matt isn't nice is because the two cute brothers are mad she went to lunch with him.  Incidentally, at this point we still don't know the cute brothers' names.  She never asked.


Then the word endured is used after Beth gets down with the two brothers after they save her from Matt.  It's only just before they have intercourse (or that Beth presents them with her orifices for intercourse) that we get their names.  While I can understand the rape as being endured, it does seem to be a strange word choice for the great sex that Beth said she just had.  The use of both ordeal and endured actually make this romance, a rape story for me because Beth's language tells the reader she didn't enjoy any of it with those words, doesn't it?


(And considering what the two brothers tell her, you can argue that no can't be used by Beth)