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The Science-Fiction & Fantasy Quiz Book (Open Book) - Joseph McCullough

Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley and Osprey publishing in exchange for an honest review.


The book comes out Sept 22.


                Okay, I don’t usually review quiz books because, well, you don’t usually read them straight though do you?  But, hey this one looked interesting and I was auto-approved on Netgalley.


                Let me just say, straight off the bat, that any book that has Red Dwarf questions in it is an automatic winner.


                So really, what more do you need to know?


                The book is divided, as many such books are, into Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty levels, though the quizzes in each section get progressively harder.  There are also four different types of quizzes.  The first is Multiple Choice, and it seems that McCullough knows about the middle and longest answer rule for those types of test because he does try to change it up a bit.  There are True and False quizzes.  There are short answers quizzes.  Finally, there are matching quizzes.  The majority of the quizzes are general knowledge, so while there are several questions about, say, Game of Thrones, you can quite easily pass several tests without knowing a thing about that literary series or television series.


                The only exceptions to this are the matching quizzes which are themed in a variety of different ways.  Sometimes you need to match an actor to a part, a captain to a spaceship, a character to an author, and a variety of other ways.


                The easy questions range from wanting to know what type of animal Reepicheep is to Jon Snow’s age.  The different ones include being able to finish theme songs.


                Of particular importance to readers is the fact that McCullough draws on both film and book versions of various series (Hunger Games, LOTR, GOT) and clearly states in each question whether said question is  about the film(or television series) or the book(s).  Both formats are covered equally.  The same is also true for comic books and the movies based on them.

                McCullough also ranges widely. There are questions about current blockbusters (from within the last year) to old time favorites to even little watched movies and films.  It is nicely varied.

                The illustrations by Miguel Colmbra are funny without being overly cute and reference various titles and genres used in the questions.

                Highly recommend for sci-fi and fantasy fans.