Behind the Beautiful Forevers - Katherine Boo

One of those books that gets better with a re-read. There is so much here.

Old Review:

So wow. Using the micro chasm of a few families in an Indian slum, Boo looks at how economic forces control lives for removed for the big CEO.

The thing I found most interesting is that while there is no real moral compass, there is no condemning of various people at all. Take the character of Asha; it would've been very easy for Boo to make her a total bitch, but she didn't. While the reader gets Asha's daughter's disapproval, Boo presents Asha, and others, in such a way that while you may not like what she does, you understand it.

That's tough to do.

Boo's writing seems to be a take it or leave type. I found myself to be somewhat neutral. Sometimes I felt the descriptions were a bit too flowerly, but in terms of characterization and conveaying the people to the reader I though she did a good job.