Top Ten Tuesday - Yes, I am jumping on the author band wagon.

So the authors I have read the most from.


1. Shakespeare - I read the complete works; it's less impressive when I point out I am an English degree holder.  


2. Terry Pratchett - all of the current Discworld, his Johnny Books, various other works.  I haven't read the Science of Discworld 4 yet.


3. Peter Ackroyd- roughly 24 of his books.


4. A.S.Byatt - her works.  I'm not missing anything there.


5.Isak Dinesan - including her essays


6. Ruth Rendell and P.D.James - not all of each.  Yet.


7. Angela Carter - all her works.


8. Jim C. Hines


9. Margret Atwood


10. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro - her Count St. Germain series and various other works.


11. Joanne Harris