Idealism is an attractive flower - Oneida Morningstar Cramer

Disclaimer:  Eudora Publishing, which publishes this book, offered  or directed me to  a free copy of this book via iTunes, when I started following them on Pinterest.  (It seemed to have been free on iTunes  in general, but I’m not sure).    The company just sent me a link to the free copy without request a review or anything.  Thank you Eudora publishing.


                The works in this book are called photopoems.  It’s okay, I wasn’t really sure either.  Apparently, it means photographs with poems on them in a variety of ways, so a combination of the two.  If you are thinking straightforward photography, you are going to be disappointed; it you are thinking straightforward poetry, you will also be disappointed.


                While I found the majority of the photography to be wonderful, I felt some of the poems to be a little lacking.  Please, bear in mind that poetry is largely a matter of taste.  In some cases, the beauty is how the poem is rendered on the photo.


                Yet, there is some wonderful humor and beauty.  For instance, there is this poem, “Genesis/of a/date/with wine” (13), which accompanies a shot of a grape in a glass.  Or the poem “Ocean/Canyon Ambush” and it’s picture – it will bring a smile to your face.  There is an absolutely beautiful one about an ant and a rose.  In fact, there are several beautiful shots of insects, mostly butterflies, and flowers.  There is a very sweet photopoem about Chicago architecture and bees.  There is one of room that will bring to mind PBS.  My favorite however is “Gardens of Enjambment”. 


                Overall, this was actually a very lovely book.