It's the little things, really

The Dinner: A Novel - Herman Koch, Sam Garrett, Clive Mantle

Two stars only because Mantle's reading is really 5 stars.  


Okay, I totally believe that (1) middle class white kids can (and do) mean ass things (2) that parents do debate turning in their children (3) that parents might be more concerned with their own lives and their children's lives (4) that such restaurants actually attract customers and (5) that such people as in this book are exist.


However, I cannot suspend my disbelief so much as to believe that a well known and popular politician who is running for head of state would have such a conversation in a public place where everyone knows him.  It would be one thing if he wasn't famous.  But nope.    I mean everyone is watching him. Don't buy it.  And once that happens, the whole book fails.