Out Oct 20, 2015

Dinosaur Hunter: The Ultimate Guide to the Biggest Game (Open Book Adventures) - Steve White

Disclaimer: Arc via Netgalley.


                I’m not a dinosaur expert in any way shape or form.  I’m neutral on dinosaurs.  I downloaded this from Netgalley because Osprey published it.


                White’s Dinosaur Hunter is a guide to hunting dinosaurs, supposedly released by a company that arranges for such time travel at a very expensive cost.  The book is presented as a guide to the various operations and eras that you, as the dinosaur hunter, can choose from.  Each section is a different “range” and presents information, accurate information, about the various dinosaurs that inhabit it.  There is also information about various weapons and how a hunt takes place.  There is also, at the end of each chapter, a short story, supposedly from a longer work, that relates a really hunting experience.  And if you’ve seen any of the Jurassic Park movies (or all four like I did) then you know what’s coming.


                Despite the topic of hunting, which is getting bad press because of the idiot who killed a lion, the book is actually mostly about dinosaurs and their environment.  This makes it an ideal gift or read for a pre-teen who is interested in reading and dinosaurs but not so much the science behind them.  The writing is engaging enough to grab the reader’s attention and then teaches without losing steam or sounding dull.


                Additionally, the book would also make a good start for a role playing idea or campaign.