Banned Book 2 - 50 Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James

Wait, I can hear some of you say.  You hate that book.   You said it was an endorsement of rape culture.


                Yes, I did.  All true.  I stand by every word.  But still, if you want to read this stupid, anti-women crap, go right ahead.


                Because that’s the point. 


                The only good thing I can say about 50 Shades of Grey is that when the apocalypse comes, it will be a book I can burn without feeling guilt.


                For those of you, who love it, go right ahead. 


                But, please read something good.  C’mon, you can do it.


                Just ignore me when I say that. 


                Look, there’s much better written fan fiction out there.  I mean really.


                Okay, okay.  In all seriousness.  I know some reviewers and people love this series.  I don’t know why, but hey.  The question really is this, who do you want to be the judge?  It would be one thing, I suppose, if the series was being read as a bedtime story for 5 year olds, but it’s not.    And I can hear some of you saying, but we have taste so we can decide.  Well, yes.  But sometimes, I like to read bad erotica.  Do I pay for it?  No.  Are the books going to win the Booker?  Do the vaginas in them have to be walked on leashes as they grow?  Apparently.  But honestly, Mounted by the Were-puffer was pretty creative; especially in the use of the word deflate.  And if you ban 50 Shades, you’ll need to ban that one out of fairness.


                If books for adults are censored who decides what books? 


                And isn’t that the important aspect of the issue?  Recently students at Duke were upset because a freshman read had homosexuality in it.   Do you want them to decide? 


                Furthermore, to understand history sometimes we have to read books that are horrible.  Think of all the historians who have read Hitler.  Outside of David Irving and the other wacks, do you think those historians enjoyed the read?  How about historians who read slave sales lists?  Should those be banned?  Humankind is downright nasty to other members.  We need to read these things for a variety of reasons.  We can talk about rape culture all we want, but we need to show people what it is.  For me, at least, a prime example of it is 50 Shades of Grey.


                When a library bans 50 Shades, it’s just stupid.  It really is.  Adults are still going to read it, but now everyone else does too.  And thankfully, it’s usually a disappointment if it’s a modern book, so that’s a good thing.  Additionally, if it was banned, we wouldn’t have pictures like this:


So even books like 50 Shades of Grey deserve to be un-banned.

                (But read the Were-puffer instead)



Selena Gomez - her face is priceless