Banned Book 9 - Chronicles of Narnia

The Chronicles of Narnia - C.S. Lewis, Pauline Baynes

If you look at my book set of Narnia, you will notice that all of the books show heavy wear, except one.  That one is the Last Battle.  This will come as a surprise to some people because one of the central characters is an n unicorn, so basically a horse.


                But then again, I’m the eldest and a daughter.  I liked Susan more than Lucy.  She was the eldest and she had a bow.  So she was one step removed from Robin Hood. 


                Yeah, I really don’t like the Last Battle.


                The Chronicles are funny though.  On one hand, the books are banned for being too religious.  Let’s face it; the Chronicles are basically a Christian allegory.  The second most people really realize Aslan is Christ is when the series, despite all its charm and magic, fades a bit (or a great amount).  Even Tolkien thought it was a bit too heavy handed.  There was even one publisher that took out all reference to god.  I am not sure how much of the book was left.


                On the other hand, the books are banned or challenged for not being religious enough.  I suppose having God as a lion is a no-no.  Lamb of god, perhaps.


                You can’t win.


                Lewis’ series works because of the magic.  Who doesn’t want to meet a talking beaver (MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER!) ?  Quite frankly, any book that gets both sides of the religious debate anger is fine by me.