Banned Book 13: Origin of Species

The Origin of Species - Charles Darwin

                I’m cheating slightly with this one because I haven’t actually read of the Origin of Species.  I’ve read parts but not the whole thing.  I’m just so friggin tired of warning labels.

                Seriously, a few books have warning labels because the science of evolution might scare people who never leave their house and only read the Bible.


                Or think they read the Bible.


                I just want to know what is so wrong about teaching scientific fact.  Even the pope has been down with evolution, so what’s the problem?  It doesn’t say God does or doesn’t exist, it just describes a process.  And Darwin takes the rap because he’s the one who everyone thinks started it.


                What about Wallace, huh?  Poor guy is just a footnote.  Not even famous enough to get his work banned or challenged.


                What I wonder, is your faith so weak that it can’t be challenged?  That you feel simply reading something will change your mind?  It’s strange because while there are pretty of historical stories to back up that idea, there are also pretty of historical stories that prove the opposite.


                Perhaps it is because science is scary to many people.  It scares me, and combines that with the idea of not knowing something, a fear in of itself, and there you go.


                But warning labels?  On books?


                If that is going to be the standard, I want the following: Warning the author may be an entitled git who will stalk you.  The English language might also be abused.


                Then I’ll be okay with the other warning labels