Banned Book 14 - Animal Farm

Animal Farm - George Orwell Fables, Vol. 2: Animal Farm - Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha



                I hate and love this book.  Orwell kills off the shire!  I love shires!  He kills off the shire!  Stupid Stalin pigs.

                I think that’s why I eat pork.

                Believe it or not, this book is not challenge and/or banned because horse homicide but because it is pro-communist.


                Has your brain recovered yet? 

                Ah, you need another minute.  I think the word you are searching for is “huh”.

                But I could be wrong.

                Now the Russians did ban it, or to be more correct, the Soviets did. 

                Now, in the US, it is usually pulled in schools because of an objection and then everyone else objects to the objection so it gets re-instated.

                I think communism is mentioned in the introduction, at least some library material suggest that (See Portland’s Library system), but honestly, I never remembered that part.

                Pro-communist?  Seriously, the CIA wanted Russians to read this, right?

                It just goes to show.  If you liked a book in school, it’s been banned or challenged somewhere.  This I suppose is good thing.  It seems to me to be an indication that the school system is doing something right.    Think about.  It’s rebellion right there in the school.  Read this because the man doesn’t want you to.

                Isn’t that great?

                Maybe that’s the danger.  Subversive literature and all.

                Though, maybe people get confused with the Fables volume.