An Undisturbed Peace: A Novel - Mary Glickman

Glickman’s Undisturbed Peace is an interesting book.  In many ways, it is what good historical fiction should be.  Well researched, well written, nicely painted time and pictures.  Yet, despite the believability of the story and the grounding in fact that the novel contains, the characters are pretty much unsympathetic.


                Perhaps this lack of sympathy is part of the historical accuracy.  No one is sympathetic.  Whites won’t be for killing the Native Americans and taking the land.  Native Americans for simply killing innocents.  Yet, it is something more than this. 


                The book does inspire curiosity.  It isn’t one of those books that don’t interest the reader. However, it is more for historical curiosity than anything else.  It’s a book more for a plot arc and description than for character.