Banned Book 19 - Daughters of Eve

Daughters of Eve - Lois Duncan

You know how some people talk about Femi-Nazis?  I think they read this book.  I really do.


                For me, Lois Duncan and Judy Blume were the reads at a certain age.  Duncan wrote teen horror/supernatural.  One of her most famous am I know What You Did Last Summer.  Her books usually featured teen girls who in many cases had to save themselves and their family/friends.   The books might have a supernatural aspect – such as her The Third Eye.


                Daughters of Eve is about a group at a school in Middle of Nowhere America.  The group is for girls only and in many ways it is a needed group because this is at the time where girls must wear skirts.  Duncan’s book is unique because it also deals with consequences of taking something too far, when justice goes overboard.


                It doesn’t surprise that some people simply view this book as evil woman taking what isn’t there.  Undoubtedly, there are also a few feminists who see it as an attack on feminism.   However, most of the reasons for this novel being challenged or banned is because of the feminist point.


                Cause Feminism is Satanism somehow.


                You know once we win science contests, we will take control of our ovaries.  We can’t have that. 


                And let me ask a question – what is so wrong with Satanism?   Yes, yes, I know devil worship, offending God, going to hell.  But no one is making me do it.  Isn’t part of us what makes people godly is the ability to resist temptation, to take the higher path?  If the temptation is removed before, how is that testing?


                Even if you disagree with the removing of temptation bit, why can’t it be done respectfully?  For instance, last week in the local park there was a pagan festival.  There was even an autumn altar with collections, including food and books.  In the middle of the festival, sitting on a park bench, were two of the old women from the Jehovah Witnesses.  They were handing out literature to those who would take it – just sitting holding out pamphlets, not forcing them on anyone.  Both groups, pagans and JWs, were respectful.  They even nodded friendly at each other.


                That’s how you do things.


I think some people are frightened of the cover, myself