Banned Book 20 - Father Christmas

Father Christmas - Raymond Briggs

This book, which I love, has been banned in OR and MI because it gives a bad image of Christmas.

                Because Santa Claus (Father Christmas) drinks and smokes.

                Now maybe, just maybe, I find this hard to understand because Santa Claus got whiskey and a pipe with his cookies when he came to my house.

                The book also failed to get into the correct feeling of Christmas, whatever that means.

                Is the correct feeling of Christmas to hear “The Little Drummer Boy” twenty-five times before November first?  Perhaps it is to see Father Christmas or Santa Claus saying everything from a Pumpkin Spice Latte (honesty, squash in coffee?  What did the coffee bean ever do to you?)?  Perhaps it is the Christmas Decorations coming in as the Halloween decorations go out?

                Perhaps we should all break out the Christmas decorations now.

                Or maybe the banning is because Christ isn’t in the story at all?

                                Who gets to decide these things anyway?  And not to be irreligious, but isn’t Easter the more important holiday?  I always thought so.

                The thing is that this book really doesn’t even challenge the status quo.  It’s just a story about Father Christmas.  That’s it.  It shows him working hard to bring joy among other things. 

                So how is that challenging the powers that be?