Banned Book 32 - The Bible

Holy Bible: King James Version - Anonymous



                Since the Pope is coming to my city, I figure it’s fitting to do this book.  I’ve even read the whole thing.  It’s actually not bad at all.


                The Bible has been banned for a variety of reasons.  It conflicts with the established religion, it was translated into English (can’t have the underlings know what it says), and even that reading in a school would violate separation of church and state.


                I really don’t understand that last one.  For awhile, until a lawsuit brought by a group connected with another school in a totally different state, my public high school had a Bible study group and a gospel choir.  I never felt pressured either way.  I don’t know if there was a Korean study group or a Jewish study group.  Most likely there was.  I only know about the Bible study one because a friend went once.


                But, for the record, I’m a Christian, so maybe I’m just using my privilege.


                Of course, I have also read a good portion of the Koran as well as various other religious and holy books simply because I am a reader and because to attempt to understand a culture, an idea, a history – one does have to know religion. 


                But for me, the greatest sin against the Bible is when people like Kim Davis try to use it to deny people their humanity.  That pisses me off.  Maybe it’s because I had someone tell me she was a Christian and not Catholic (she didn’t worship the pope, you see) and then she couldn’t tell me what Christian meant.  I am seriously tired of people using the Bible to justify banning of things and people. 


                Because if we going down that road again, we should go down the whole road, shouldn’t we?  This means back to Old Testament days.  That kill the wife if she was raped, slit the goat’s throat days.  Slavery is fine days.


                Yeah, me neither. 


                So how come everyone forgets about Jesus and adulterous women.  We are not supposed to cast rocks unless we are without sin.


                Even Jesus didn’t consider himself without sin, if you read John.


                Perhaps instead of banning the Bible, we should force people like Kim Davis to actually read it.