Banned Book 35 - Wizard of Oz

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - L. Frank Baum

In 1928, this book was considered wrong because it had women in leadership roles, thereby making girls think they could be something other than obedient to men.

  1. Frank Baum feminist.

                Funny, how when we mention Wizard of Oz, we don’t mention that.  But then again, he wasn’t a feminist in the modern sense of the word.  Yet, when you look at it, even today, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz is slightly more feminist than even a book like Harry Potter - for it is Dorothy who saves, and we do have the boy who is really a girl.  Pretty good for a guy, isn’t it.  Perhaps this is why Franco’s spin as the Wizard of Oz was such a disappointment, the usurpation of a woman’s story to be a man’s story.

                But Franco’s version would have been more acceptable back in the day.  What does it say about our day that we are still making such movies?  What does it say that Rowling made the decision to have a Harry Potter instead of a Hermione Granger because one would be a better marketing device?

                Perhaps we are not so much far advanced.