Parable of the Sower - the Concert Version

I saw this last night.  Both Friday and Saturday, I attended PhauxCon and one of the things we did was attend this show.  Toshi Reagon and her mother Bernice Johnson Reagon are in the process of adapting Butler's Parable of the Sower into an opera (but not Wagner's type of opera, thank god).  The music is bluesy.


Octavia E. Butler's Parable of the Sower: The Concert Version





It was absolutely wonderful.  Just so perfect and powerful.  The performances were great, and there was a great vibe between the performers and the audience.  The lyrics not only made use of Butler's prose from the book, but also of current events.  It was powerful because at times it was heart-breaking and at others, funny.  It was always on point.  The only downside was that the soundtrack isn't available. Sadly, this seems to have been the last show of this version of the music and lyrics.  It was one of those test drives, and the work is still in process.  Honestly, however, they could package the music now and do quite well.


The show works if you are interested in Sci-Fi, Butler, or social justice.  I told a close friend about it.  He dislikes sci-fi (he is one of those people who almost sneers the word, though he likes Handmaid's Tale), but he wants to see it.  


You can follow both Reagon and her mother on Facebook.  Toshi Reagon is the woman in the hat.  The woman in the green sweater next to her is Helga Davis. My friend Lawrence said that it's like her whole body was an instrument.  He's right.



Reagon has some albums up on iTunes.  Guess what I just brought?