Really cute

Shoefirmations: 24 Wonderful Shoes to Custom Color with Positive Affirmations - Ms Anita Lovitt, Ms Anita Lovitt

Disclaimers: I received this book for free at an event.  The person who gave it to me is a friend of the author. 


This isn't normally the type of book I would read.  Affirmation statements are not my thing, maybe they should be, but they're not.  I can honesty say that if this was in a bookstore, I would not have picked it up.


That would've been my loss.


The statements are what they are.  The wonderful is the drawings, which you can color.  They are of really neat shoes.  I know, I know, I'm not a shoe person either, and I don't wear heels.  But some of the heeled shoes in this volume, I would wear.  They have snakes, ice cream, and elephants among other things.  It's actually really neat.