Vino time

Backstabbing in Beaujolais (Winemaker Detective Book 9) - Jean-Pierre Alaux, Noël Balen, Anne Trager

Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley.


                This is another installment in the Winemaker Detective series.  Benjamin and his lustful apprentice Virgile are hired to evaluate a winery by its potential buyer, who is facing disapproval from his wife.  Of course, as always, there appears a body.


                I once said that the series reminds me of Jessica Fletcher, and this is partly true.  In many ways, however, it is the children of Murder, She Wrote and Midsummer Murders.  That is largely true here, and, in fact, there is more Midsummer than Murder She Wrote.


                This installment is a little more adult than previous, and is closer to one of the stereotypes of the French that Americans have.   Part of this is because the supporting characters get more room here.  Overall, that’s a nice touch and removes some of the status quo feeling that sounds Benjamin and his circle.


                There are also some in jokes about writing.


                The charm of the series lies in the authors’ description of French country and country life, and this book does not let the reader down.  In fact, there seems to be more emphasis on description of nature in this book.  In part, this seems to be a desire to make a little known part of France better known.  This also seems to be true of the discussion about wine and marketing.  It’s a bit more issue oriented in this regard.  This isn’t to say the discussion is dull; it’s not and you might find yourself recalling it when you next buy wine.


                A good entry into an enjoyable series.


                Honesty, there should be a vacation tour tied to this series.