Why what is shown in a movie trailer matters

There was  a new trailer released for Batman vs.Superman.  A movie that despite the inclusion of Wonder Woman in previous trailers, really didn't grab my interest at all.  (Look, I'm sure Ben Affleck is a nice guy and all, but I really don't think he can act.  I think he did a good job directing Argo, but not acting, sorry).


And then someone put the new trailer in a post and I watched it.  


I am now more than willingly to part with my money to see this movie.


Why?  Because it shows Wonder Woman saving Bats and Superman.  


Now, I know this is going to be a largely male movie, with men doing "manly" things.  In fairness, while Wonder Woman has appeared in the previous trailer, she is only in one scene in this one.  In fairness, while it looks like the three women in the movie don't talk to each other at all  (seriously what is so hard about passing the Bechel test?), when they are shown in clips, they are shown as having agency.  Hey, Lois Lane is shown standing up to Luther.  


In other words, the women are doing things. Even Ma Kent is doing something (so that's four women - and they are women btw). 


So, I know that it is not going to be a perfect movie, but I actually want to see it now.  Perhaps this is in part due to Zach Snyder who in 300, a movie about men during manly things, also showcased a marriage of equal partnership as well as that fighting wasn't just  with swords.


(Snyder is also producing the Wonder Woman movie that is in production).


I am no where near as interested in the new Star Wars movie.  Strange I have always felt a stronger connection to Star Wars than to any DC hero, but that love was first tested than all but killed by the later (I, II, and III, espeically III) as well as that god awful Clone Wars movie (Seriously, those two minute brief ones on the Cartoon Network were great, but then they had to screw it).  I am of two minds about the new Star Wars movie, but the trailers lead me cold, largely because it still seems to be a mostly male (mostly white) male world.  Leia, for instance, who is suppose to be in a position of power, is shown getting a hug and, possibly that's her getting the ligher sabre.  (It's true that you do have Rey and Captain Plamsa - but note that, like Bats vs Super, there are only two women doing, not three.  Doing does not have to be fighting.  We can also argue about whether Rey is a woman as opposed to a girl).  Furthermore, as much I as love what Abrams did with Uhura in the new Star Trek movies (her knowledge in the first one is necessary, her knowledge and fighting in the second), why in both movies do we have women stripping down to their undies?  (True, Snyder uses nudity, but you get to see male skin too.  It's equal opportunity).  And why, if you want to be true to Gene, do you keep the mini-skirts (and it was male friend of mine who was the first person to voice this)?


Look, I know we have no idea what is actually going to happen in the movies.  I know.  It's true.  But trailer is what makes people want to see movies.  When Star Wars episodes I and II came out, I knew they weren't as good as the first ones.  But I got some enjoyment from them.  And then III came and I was insulted because of what was done to Padme's character in that one film.  I'm sorry, I'm not fangirl.  There are things that I love but I do not read or watch with blinkers, sorry if that gets you upset or want to shot me out of a canon.  I just can't.  And I have stopped reading or watching things because of that (comics being a case in point).  I will admit that this is counter-productive in a way because than I don't know when (or if) things actually change.


The point is - trailers matter.  Bats vs Super-Man is a case in point.  I want to see this movie now.


I haven no doubt that I will see the new Star Wars - but I haven't brought tickets yet and I have no real joy in the idea.  It's strange, and I was thinking about it yesterday.  It's down to the trailers.  Instead of showing me Han and Chewie helping the younglings, how about Leia?  How about more than just Rey doing something?  And maybe, Rey and Leia will have a conversation about power in the movie, but you got to make me want to go first.  


Seriously, if they had put more that stupid love story from the Hobbit movies in the trailers, I so would not have gone.  In fact, many people wouldn't have gone.  What does that tell you? Hmmmm.