Vivat Rex: Volume One (Dramatisation): Landmark Drama from the BBC Radio Archive - William Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, Martin Jenkins, Christopher Marlowe, Full Cast, Richard Francis Burton

Within the last few years, the BBC (and PBS as a re-show) have been doing  The Hollow Crown, the Shakespeare History Plays done from Richard II to RIchard III.  The first 3 parts (bascially 3 movies) were shown around the time of  the London Olympics  and  then a year later in the U.S.  (Where my local PBS did not show Richard  II).  The second grouping with Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard III is 2016.  The original Hollow Crown,  was An Age of Kings, and was  done in 1960.  It featured, among others, Sean Connery as Hotspur. 


So why listen to this?


Because it goes one better.  Done in 1977,VR chronicles the throne from Edward II all the way to the birth of Elizabeth I.  The plays are not limited to Shakespeare, Marlowe is present, but in addition, some plays of unknown authorship are  used.  All plays date from the reigns of Elizabeth I and James I (VI).  


More importantly, are the actors cast.  If you saw An Age of Kings, you will have the pleasure of listening to Robert Hardy play Henry IV (he was Hal in Kings).  Derek Jacobi is Richard II.  


Oh, and Sir Richard Burton is the narrator.


Seriously, what more do you want?