Words Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy Riot - Masha Gessen
I really don't get much performance art; I'm sorry. Most of what I have seen strikes me as silly or just a desire to shock. Yet, I still think it is a legit form of protest or art. I just don't like it.

Let's be honest, some of the art that Pussy Riot undertook is not my thing at all. And like much performance and much street art, you can argue about breaking the law all day long. Regardless, Pussy Riot was also a protest group, and in many ways reaction to them was based on the protest.

Gessen, no fan of Putin herself, chronicles the group, and in particular the lives of the three women who were charged. It is rather even-handed, and regardless of how you feel about Riot's art in general, the trial should have you shaking your head.

At times the book gets a little slow, but it is well worth the read.