Road Trip (with a plane or two)

MVRDV: Book Mountain Spijkenisse: Biography of a Building - Marcel Veldman, Nicoline Baartman, Winy Maas

Yeah, I never heard of Spijkenisse either until I saw this book at a local bookstore. It is near Rotterdam, like right near Rotterdam. This book is a history of the town's desire to re-invent, redraft, redesign, update - itself and to do that the town decides to do that, in part, by redesigning the library.

This book is about that library, which sounds pretty cool.

The design to build a new library ties into the desire to improve the lives of those living there, to encourage reading among other things. While the book is not a love story to book, it is an interesting book about a library that is a love building to books.

The book's pages are half folded in pages - you unfold them and you get more information about various things, such as the town's history - and this is at once a little annoying, but far more endearing.

It's a really cool book, I must say.