Book Cover Designs - Matthew Goodman, Nicole Caputo

Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley.


                What makes us pick up the books we do?  Some of us like to pretend that the cover has little to do with it, and while this may be true in some cases, it is not true in others.  I can honestly say that I have read several books and discovered authors simply because of covers. 


                Finally, we have a book about book covers.


                In some ways, the book almost reads as a primer or advertising space for various designers.  This is furthered by the inclusion of contact data.  While this could ruin the book, it doesn’t.  Each artist, or design company, is given a brief bio, a brief paragraph or two about the creation process, and various book covers.  The more technical aspects are left at, so while it serves as a listing, it also doesn’t put off a reader who is simply reading it to look at the plenty covers.  As a reader, I wish there had been a bit more detail about moving into the industry or about any studies done over what cataches a reader’s eye.  (Actually, I have a question about all those headless, faceless women that keep appearing, what is up with that?).


                The book covers used run across all genres – and the designers accessed for the book note differences in design in some cases for genres. 

                It’s a very pretty and lovely book in terms of graphics.