Bye-Bye Kitty

Kitty Saves the World - Carrie Vaughn

I should note that I haven't found this series quite as enjoyable as it was before the introduction of the Long Game. You have no idea how tried I am of vampire politics in UF.

However, Carrie Vaughn deserves a huge around of applause and awards for actually ending the series and stepping back.

In some ways, it does feel like she is checking off points - and Amelia could have had a bigger role in this book to be honest - but it is a workable, if not great, conclusion to the series. It's an ending but Vaughn has left herself the opition to return to the world if not the characters.

The most disappointing and weakest parts of the book are [ Kitty's pregnancy. It feels too much like a fairy tale ending and too much like a breaking of the rules Vaughn set up. It actually weakens the final book because it makes Kitty even more special. . Despite that, it is a good ending.