Jungle Book Reads


So if you are like me, you are kinda looking forward to this movie.  Because honesty, Elba as tiger, Murray as bear, (hell, Elba as anything).  But before you go, you might want to check out these books.


1. The Jungle Book  and The Second Jungle Book - yes, there was a second Jungle book.  And yes, Kipling was a colonist, but how can you not love Riki Tiki Tavi?


2. Elephant Company by Vicki Croke - okay this one takes place in Burma, but it is about using elephants to escape the invading Japanese.  It's pretty good.


3. The Tiger: Love #1 - this graphic novel series drives one of my friends insane because it uses animals from diffferent temperate zones.  That's fine. Each volume traces a day in a life of an animal.  This volume traces a tiger.  


4. Twenty Jakata Tales by Noor Khan - tales about the Budda featuring animals.  Noor Khan was a wireless operator (among other things) in Nazi occupied France.


5. Myths and Legends: India by Donald Mackenize - pretty much what the title says it is.


6. The Twentieth Wife by Indu Sundaresan - an work of historical fiction.  The book centers around Mehrunnisa, whose niece is famous because of the Taj Mahal.