Scotland in Paris

The Travelling Companion (Bibliomysteries) - Ian Rankin

Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley


                For many people, the title of Rankin’s “Bibliomystery” will make them think of Hans Christen Andersen’s fairy tale of the same title.            


                Well, Rankin does draw a bit from Andersen’s story of a spirit of a dead man, but not in the obvious way.


                Rankin’s novella draws upon the work of Robert Louis Stevenson and despite being set in Paris, seems to be channeling Edinburgh.  A young student in Paris before finishing his studies about Stevenson is sent by his employer to look at some old books.  What follows is part dark fairy tale (along the lines of Andersen’s “The Shadow”), part Stevenson at his best story, and part literary mystery. 


                In other words, it is a book lover’s dream.