Letter to Hubby

Love: The Lion - Frederic Brremaud

Disclaimer:  ARC via Netgalley


Dear Hubby,


                You know you’re reaction to the first volume of Love?  You got a little upset that different animals from different places were used together.  It upset the order of the universe or something.  Then I think you ate that pepper and your face turned really red.


                Well, hubby my love, I think you will like this version of Love.


                Okay, see, it’s about lions, one male lion in particular, so it takes place in Africa, and  all the animals are from Africa.  There are hippos, zebras, baboons, reptiles, and wildebeests.  And rhinos.  I know how you love rhinos, hubby dearest.


                The focus of the plot is however, the lion, a male.  He has a quest which is to try to find a place for himself in the world.  It’s a quest story in short.   Though, Disney’s Lion King it is not.  There is no singing lions or bird councilors.   It’s more Wild Kingdom than Animal Kingdom.


                That hubby is the draw of the Love series.


                As always the artwork is magnificent.  Honesty, we should get some prints and frame them. 


                The best part of the book is the lion cubs, and their play time.  It’s so cute.  They pull on whiskers, play with an impromptu ball.  They even get dad in on it.


                Like Love 02, the focus, besides the animals, is on family relationships and there are several scenes of the lions and other pride (pack, group, and tribe) animals interacting with each other.   It is just so magnificent.


                So Hubby, dearest, I really think you should buy and read this excellent book in the great Love series.

                                                Love and smooches,

                                                                                Bracelet Wifey