Sometimes, I think some men do not understand bras

The Grave Gourmet - Alexander Campion

Thankfully I didn't pay for this.

To Male Mystery Writers in General,

Re: Female Characters and Bras

While some women may chose to go bra-less (and in many cases, this is a choice of lifestyle), those who are well endowed usually need one for comfort reasons. Seriously. Secondly, any woman who uses her bra-less state to get a job promotion is not going to be taken seriously by a large variety of readers. Many readers are going to see as an attack on women (because she doesn't get promoted by skill) or as an nod that women only get promoted because of boobs of considerable size.

Furthermore, to endear your heroine with boobs of considerable size to readers of the female gender, it helps if the other women in the book aren't degraded as jealous old cows or butch lesbians cliches with bad haircuts.

And interesting, how the black guy is the aggressive driver.

And seriously, if a woman is harassed by some complete jacka*** touching her, her first thought is not going to be OMG I'm so turned on, then followed by something that basically translates to "she got her feminist on". But really she thinks it is hot, she just has to be a feminist so the old cows don't yell at her.

Thank you,

From a woman who wears a bra and actually does her job