Things I don't understand lately

1. 700 + people drown trying to get to Europe in the last week, and the US National news (outside of PBS Newshour) is more concerned about a gorilla.  WTF?


2. Captain America is a Nazi (okay, he works for Hydra and that really isn't Nazis, but it is).  It is also his mother's fault.


3. Pickles.  I don't get pickles at all.


4. 700 people!!!!


5.  Why when someone takes a paper off the internet I need to go beyond myself and give them another chance to write the paper.  I don't think astral projection will be much help in this case.


6.  The X-Men movie trailer.  Why is Storm a Horseman?  Seriously?


7. Why are you mad at Black Panther's bodyguard?  She's doing her job you crazy racists!   I like Widow and all, but bodyguard lady was doing her job (and seriously, how did Iron Man get there so soon after Steve and Bucky, considering they were in a quinjet?  But oh man, that bike scene)


8. 700 people but let's talk about the gorilla.


9.  In Pakistan you can beat your wife now provided it is in the right place.


10. People who don't like cookies.


11. What the hell did they do to So You Think You Can Dance?


12. BBC America programming.


13. How Trump is last Republican standing, and what does that say about other Republicans who ran?