Maple Leaf Rag time people

Joplin's Ghost - Tananarive Due
I picked this up at a wonderful used bookstore - The Book Bank- in Alexandria, VA.

Seriously, how someone could let this book go, I don't know.

So awhile back, I read a Due short story on my kindle. I enjoyed it, and she got added to my list (the ever growing one) of "authors to try in novel form". When I saw this book, I figured, why not. Who doesn't love Scott Joplin?

(Yeah, okay, you're the one person. And I don't like you, so we're good. Seriously, go listen to Ragtime or Maple Leaf Rag. You are most likely one those people who thinks Shakespeare writes in Old English).

In part, the book deals with the question of sex and consent, in particular in terms of gender and age. There is much about music (and the definition of music) as well as being true to one's art. There are true friendships between women. In particular, I love Gloria and Phoenix's relationship with her, in particular in regards to what happens early in the book. I love that Gloria stood her ground and Phee realized something.

(Additional shout out to the lovely woman, perhaps the owner, at the counter. She loved this book and we had a nice talk).