This is really random, just trying to think. Comments welcome as is polite disagreement


                Maybe I’m old.

                Maybe I’ll start yelling at the kids to get off my lawn.


                In the year I have been on Pinterst, I have noticed many interesting fandom illustrations.  A majority of the work is wonderful and brilliant.  There are a great many talented people out there, and quite a few ships that are rather creative.  (Why does it seem like more women ship gay men than gay men?)


                One of the ships has me somewhat confused, worried, icky feeling.  It’s Persephone and Hades.  Now it is very likely that there is some weird book out there or something, but still.  All the fan art is cute Persephone and Hades, or of lovers and Persephone and Hades. 


                And I know the story, I do.  But I wonder if the artists do because it really seems like a gloss over the whole kidnapping thing.  True, it is a myth and besides explains the whole season thing; it could also be comment on what women should expect out of marriage.  Perhaps, it is even the earliest know Beauty and the Beast story instead of Cupid and Psyche.  Yet, the illustrations I keep seeing in my feed keep focusing on the whole love aspect.  Like its okay if the guy kidnaps you if he loves you.


                And it isn’t just ancient myths.  There are a whole slew of them.  There is a whole subset in Harry Potter fandom that thinks Hermione should be with Draco.  Why?  Because they are both hot in the movies?  Did we read the same thing here?


                And there is Deadpool.


                Don’t get me wrong.  Deadpool is funny.  He’s fun.  But I remember when he was first introduced.  He killed his girlfriend’s friend because he thought the friend was his girlfriend that he had to kill.  So that whole thing about how he respects women, I don’t get, sorry.


                Nice, Deadpool was not.  This was cool.  Bad guys can be funny and bad.  But Marvel has changed Deadpool.  Some of this is good –like his sexuality or the fourth wall, but some of it is more of this idea of no bad person that is cool or flawed.  That if there is something redeemable about you, then it outweighs everything else.  Then your true love that you tried to kill can die in your arms.


                Perhaps that it is a good thing.  But it also only seems to be applied mostly to men who treat women in particular like shit.   There are some outliers – the White Queen  for instance, and she was better as an evil bitch.  But since we can’t really have a mother figure as evil, let’s make her good.


                But again, perhaps this good thing.  A hint at understanding.  And yet, I wonder because the only women who seem to go good are beautiful women.


                Don’t get me wrong, the redemptive power of love can be a great plot device if used well.  J. K. Rowling did a damn good job of it with Snape, for example.  However, not many writers do. 

                                Recently, I went to a book club and commented that I didn’t really like Torchwood, that I had problems with it.  I felt it necessary to add that I had read feminist theory around the time.  But why should I feel it is necessary to say that?  Shouldn’t I be able to dislike a show where a man uses a date rape alien drug on a woman and her boyfriend, and the only thing that stops him from raping them is he gets called into work?  This man is a hero, he is redeemed, and he really isn’t that bad.


                I’m sorry; I have a problem with that.


                Some people have complained that books like Twilight and 50 Shades are teaching girls that abusive men are hot men.  But I don’t think this is anything new.

                Beauty and the Beast.  Hades and Persephone.


                What is upsetting is that we haven’t really changed, and we are still apologizing for changing or challenging the accepted view.


                And it’s even deeper than that because much of the time the women simply become part of the man’s story.  This is one thing if we are talking about a myth or a folktale, but in modern stories, the woman’s sole purpose is either to heal the man and/or be the girlfriend.  If she steps out of either of those roles than she is bad.  What is worse those roles are seen as unimportant – the absence of Pepper Potts, the fact that Jane is being replaced in Thor, or the reaction when Lisbon in the Mentalist dated someone other than Jane (and honesty, I’ll add the wedding at the end of the Mentalist too, he treated her like shit.  Shame really because one of the good things about that show for years was Lisbon).


                One stunning example is Padme from Star Wars who after discovering that her husband murdered children, is still willingly to run off with him.  But that’s okay because she was only there as a womb anyway, according to theories.  And many young girls saw this as romantic.


                What’s worse is that sometimes what is really bad gets passed off as a woman finding her something or other.  Anita Blake, for instance, could be a story about a woman discovering her various sexual tastes, but it isn’t because her drive is magic thing that she gained.  It’s not her own choice.  She is both vic and rapist. 


                Even worse, in a comparison of Marvel vs. DC movies, someone post that where DC said they couldn’t see a Wonder Woman movie, Marvel then made a movie with a talking raccoon.  So women as leads are talking raccoons now?  Or why when Marvel retconned the whole Storm/Black Panther story, they changed who saved whom.  They had Panther save Storm and then she gave him her virginity  Originally it was the other way, at least in the terms of the saving.  I think they are a great idea as a couple, but why not develop it more naturally?  Why that change


                The thing is.  There is good stuff out there.  Don’t get me wrong.  It just seems as if there is a huge something off. 


                I’m sorry this is a total ramble, and I am just trying to figure shit out.