24 in 48 Update.

The Coming of the Third Reich - Richard J. Evans The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Chronicles II: Creatures & Characters - Daniel Falconer, Andy Serkis, Joe Letteri Hoofprints: Horse Poems - Jessie Haas Gentlemen and Players - Joanne Harris

So I have no idea what hour I am in.  I think its like 13 but I don't know.  How am I suppose to keep track of time when I am reading? 


I finished Evans.  Finished Hobbit Chronicles II.  Martin Freeman I love you and your family, but Biblo is not Michael Corelone.  Okay?


Almost done Hoofprints.  Early poems were okay, but the later poems pretty good.   Started Gentlemen and Players.  Middleton is glaring at me.