A Train in Winter: An Extraordinary Story of Women, Friendship, and Resistance in Occupied France - Caroline Moorehead
I did find parts of this book dry, but it is less dry when the women get imprisoned. While I enjoyed the whole book, I did find it a little annoying that it was at times as if we were looking in at the women instead of following one narrative. This might be a product of the subject matter, but I didn't feel the same way with books like Ravensbrück: Life and Death in Hitler's Concentration Camp for Women. I think there needed to be a little more glue. I also was little annoyed at the idea of "happily ever after" being something that most of the women did not get. I wasn't clear what definition of that term Moorehead was using. In some of the brief bio bits at the end, it seemed to be only having children and a husband, while relatively free of illness. I'm not sure that such a definition is fair to the women.

Still, I am glad I read this book. I would recommend readingAuschwitz and After as well (or in place of).