Bond Girls


Bond Girl Name Meanings.


My desire to create this came about after a stupid idiot commented on a review, saying that Bond girls were not sexist.   I haven’t read the books , but here goes.   It should be noted that some Bond girls have normal names.


List of Bond girls from  More detail after jump.


  1.  Honey Rider (or Ryder, depending on movie vs. book) – slang for women on top during the sexual act. [Dr. No].  Use the word Childe, and her name really freaks me out.
  2.  Sylvia Trench – While Sylvia is connected to woodlands, trench has been a slang term for the vagina (see SexLexis among other websites).  [Dr No].
  3. Tatiana Romanov(a) – The Russian name of Tatiana means fairy princess.  Slang dictionaries defined Romanova as a cross between Romeo and Casanova, but it is unclear if this was in use during the book or movies production.  Regardless, there is a link between fairies and desire, such as the term Pocket Venus. [From Russia With Love]
  4. Pussy Galore- Does anyone really need me to tell them what this means?   [Goldfinger]
  5. Jill Masterson – Jill can be used to mean girl or sweetheart.   She is the paint girl.  Dies. [Goldfinger]
  6.  Domino Derval – Dominoes can mean teeth, and a domino is also a black and white costume.  Derval is Irish for true desire according to various baby name sources, but Dervala is slang for a beautiful woman.  The character was called Dominetta Vitaliin the book.  Dominetta comes from dominant and Vitali, looks like Vita, which has been used with vita sexlis.  According to SexLexis that means the power of sex. [ Thunderball]
  7. Patricia Fearing – The short term of Patricia, Pat, has many sexual meanings, including penis and masturbation. [Thunderball]
  8. Fiona Volpe – Volpe meanings Fox.  Do I really have to go further?   She is a villain and dies. [Thunderball]
  9. Kissy Suzuki – Just say the name [You Only Live Twice]
  10. Vesper Lynd – Supposedly chosen by IF because it sounds like East Berlin.  But it also translates to Evening Love [Casino Royale], dies
  11. Tracy Draco – In all fairness to IF, I think he meant to do good by the name.  Warlike Dragon is a rough translation.   But according to SexLexis, Tracy was 1920s Australian slang for breasts.  Anyway, she dies.  [Majesty’s Secret Service].
  12. Ruby Bartlett – Bart was rhyming slang for tart, and ruby in terms of both color and gem has been used to refer to looks. [Majesty’s Secret Service]
  13. Tiffany Case – Almost normal, but a link to diamonds does mean something. [Diamonds are Forever]
  14. Plenty O'Toole – if you’re reading this, you are not dumb.  You can figure this one out. [Diamonds are Forever]
  15. Solitaire – refers to her virginal state, but also slang for masturbation.  (Live and Let Die)
  16. Thumper and Bambi – um, I don’t really have to say anything do I?  Both die. (Live and Let Die)
  17. Mary Goodnight – C’mon, you can finger it out.  Also means she is not pregnant the following day.  [Man with Golden Gun]
  18. Anya Amasova – her code name is XXX, nuff said.  [Spy Who Loved Me]
  19. Holly Goodhead – Um, well you know.  The oral thing. [Moonraker]
  20. Corinne Dufour – Maiden Market (See various name meaning websites).  Dies. [Moonraker]
  21. Melina Havelock – Melina is a Greek name that means honey, and any romance book reader can tell you about honey.  Havelock can also mean have vagina (lock is slang for vagina)  So Honey Have Vagina.  [For You Eyes Only]
  22. Bibi – wife, girl, lady [For Your Eyes Only]
  23. Octopussy – Yep.  [Octopussy]
  24. Domino Petacchi – see above for Domino [Never Say Never Again]
  25. Fatima Blush – the use of the word Blush. Villain.  Dies.  [Never Say Never Again]
  26. Kara Milovy – Kara can mean beloved [The Living Daylights]
  27. Pam Bouvier – Last name means Good Look.  [License to Kill]
  28. Lupe Lamora – Reference to wolf (Lupe) [License to Kill]
  29. Xenia Onatopp – say the name aloud.  Villain. Dies [Goldeneye]
  30. Christmas Jones – Have to say it, really.  [The World is Not Enough]
  31. Elektra King – Elektra reference.  Dies.  [The World is Not Enough]
  32. Miranda Frost – refers to her character in response to Bond’s desire.  Villain. Dies.  [Die Another Day]
  33. Strawberry Fields – IT is a Beatles reference, but strawberry is also a woman who trades her body for drugs –see SexLexis.  [Quantum of Solace]
  34. Camille – name was used by various famous literary prostitutes.  [Quantum of Solace]
  35. Eve Moneypenny- read the Bible much?   Moneypenny also refers to her role.  Note that Moneypenny was based on Vera Atkins who was far from the Moneypenny type. Depending on which movie, Moneypenny is always a secretary or she accidently shoots Bond and retires from fieldwork [Skyfall] 


List of normal Bond Girl names.


  1. Paula Caplan [Thunderball] - dies
  2.  Aki [You Only Live Twice] -dies
  3.  Tilly Masterson [Goldfinger] - dies
  4.  Helga Brandt  [You Only Live Twice]  - Villain, dies
  5. Rosie Carver [Live and Let Die] – dies
  6. Andrea Anders [Man with Golden Gun] – dies
  7.  Naomi  [Spy Who Loved Me] – Villain, dies
  8. Countess Lisl [For Your Eyes Only] – dies
  9.  Magda [Octopussy]
  10. Stacey Sutton [A View to a Kill]
  11.  Mayday [A View to a Kill] Dies
  12. Pola Ivanova [A View to a Kill]
  13.  Natalya Simonova [Goldeneye]
  14. Wai Lin [Tomorrow Never Dies]
  15.  Paris Carver- dies.  [Tomorrow Never Dies]
  16. Jinx  [Die Another Day]
  17. Solange  [Casino Royale]-dies
  18. Séverine [Skyfall]-dies


Not sexist at all, right?  Sometimes people’s stupidity and cluelessness amazes me.


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