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Witch Way to Murder - Shirley Damsgaard

This isn't bad, it just isn't good.  And it is impossible to take about way without some spoilers.


The main character, Ophelia, is pretty good, though her reaction about not being touched because her best friend was murdered and she couldn't save him, seems a bit much considering that they were friends only.  We are told this because he was gay so no hanky panky.  Though, we aren't told much else about him so I wonder how close they actually were.


For a book where the main character gets upset about sterotypes, there are sure a great many stertotypes that play true in the book.


The romantic lead is a jerk, sorry.


And I'm sorry, Ophelia sees a woman get raped  via watching a past event (ie mind magic) and she doesn't call it rape, but the oldest dance in the world?  Excuse me?


Still Draci is a well drawn character and so is Abby.