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Christine - Stephen King

I went though a King phase a while ago, and then I stopped.  During that phrase, I never read this book.  In fact, I have hated this book because you try growing up with the first name of Christine after this book and its movie were released.  The only thing worse would have been to carried Carrie Christine.


So, anyway, a friend gave this to me a while back because he thought it would be a good kinda gag gift, and he likes King.  (And I can't blame him, I still read King's essays now and then in various books, and King is awesome).   My friend is also the type of person, where he might this gift with kindness.  


So I read it.


You know there are worse comparisons than being compared to this car.


King's book is gripping and deals with why people named their cars after women.  The car is scary, the ghost is scary, and I want Petunia.


I think I might entering another King phase.