Halloween Square

Something Wicked This Way Comes - Ray Bradbury, Kevin Foley


                Why is it that I always forget how poetic a writer Ray Bradbury is?  Ten I read him again, and it is like oh man, that is some lovely language right there.

                If you are frightened of clowns, you should most likely skip this book.  While not the same type of horror as Pennywise in King’s It.  But I don’t think you will ever look at a Carnival a same way again.

                There is a reason why everyone remembers the Illustrated Man.

                In a story about two boys trying to come to terms growing up and with a father who believes himself to be too old.  If I have one complaint I would have wished for more female characters, but who so what.

                The language is beautiful, the fear real, and the solution wonderful.

                Good Halloween read.

                Oh, and this version is well read and includes an afterword that mentions Gene Kelly.